Felting and EcoPrinting Workshops

Get your creative juices flowing and register here for workshops taught by artist Barbara Attwell, trained in felting and ecoprinting by some of Europe's best textile artists.  An exhibiting and award-winning artist, nature is the inspiration for all her work. Workshops are beginner friendly, and taught in a home studio. All that is needed is a willingness to create.

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The Basics of Wet Felting

Learn the time-honored way to wet felt in this 2-day workshop. The process begins with layering fine, vibrantly colored wool fibers over a flat resist and with the addition of soap, water, and agitation, the wool will morph into a strong and beautiful shape.  Participants will go home with 2 works of art - vessels, birdhouses, pods, or small purses, a good working knowledge of the felting process, and a life-long love of felting.                               

DATES:  Friday July 7 and Saturday July 8
TIME:    10am– 4pm (with a 1/2 hour lunch)  
COST:    $175.00  
MATERIALS FEE: $25. This includes all needed materials EXCEPT wool. Wool in your preferred colors needs to be ordered by the participant – amounts and sources will be sent upon registration. 


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Needle Felted wildlife

Needle felting is best for creating wildlife and animals. This process builds solid shapes by repeatedly plunging a barbed needle into a ball of wool. Wool has microscopically tiny hooks and the needle will weave them into a tight shape, allowing for a great amount of detail. This one-day workshop will demonstrate how to needle felt, build a wire armature, create realistic eyes of polymer clay, and mounting techniques. Bring photographs of your favorite animal to work from.

DATE:    Saturday July 1
TIME:    10am– 2pm (with a 1/2 hour lunch)
COST:    $65.00
MATERIALS FEE:   $25. Includes all needed materials (wire, polymer clay, wool, and a set of needles and a foam block that are yours to keep. 
CLASS SIZE:    Limit 8

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Ecoprinting on Silk

Explore the fascinating art and science of ecoprinting during this intensive one-day workshop. This magical process uses only natural plant materials, most gathered from the local environment, kitchen, and garden, to print onto protein-based fabrics. The class starts with a walk to forage for leaves, flowers, and bark, followed by instructions for bundling the plants in silk. The bundles are then simmered in a specific mixture, also of natural materials, which draws out and fixes the colors onto the scarf.  You will go home with 2 beautiful silk scarves and a good working and the confidence to repeat the process at home. 

DATE:    Saturday July 15
TIME:    10am– 3pm (with a 1/2 hour lunch)
COST:    $75.00
MATERIALS FEE:    $25 for two 14” x 72” Charmeuse silk scarves
CLASS SIZE:    Limit 6

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General information
You are not enrolled until you payment is received and you are sent a confirmation from EventBrite.
Materials fees (if any) are due at the beginning of class. Wear art-proof clothing, bring a notebook and lunch. Specific classes may have a list of more items to bring with you. Please contact me with any questions here. 
Thank you!

For individual or advanced lessons, please contact me by email.


Your Instructor

After discovering the world of sheep on a trip to New Zealand, I embarked on a journey to learn how to work with wool. Fascinated by its strength, beauty, and organic nature, I spent a month in Ireland learning from several of Europe’s best felters. In countries where sheep have long been an integral part of life, felting has cultural longevity, similar to winemaking. The process I use in my studio is the same as felters from 3000 BC. Working with wool conjures up a most rich primordial-soup kind of experience - one gets wet, gets soapy, and the process is always described as magic.  Learning how to ecoprint from both Irish and Australian textile artists followed, also an organic process, this one full of surprises.